Zero trust AUDITS for government

Government Has A Massive AUDIT SCALE Problem

We Demand ZERO TRUST For Security,
But NOT For IT Audits

Instead, we practice TRUST EVERYTHING

trust everything audits, infinite platforms data models evidence formats governance models security models data catalogs

Liability Protection

Limited requirements create a liability umbrella that blocks the truth

limited findings

10% population sampling omits 90% of all relevant evidence


Human based audit processes drive bias, risk, and does not scale

No Data integrity

Human and GRC collected evidence has no forensic chain of custody

zero readiness

Annual audits bring little to zero value to cyber readiness

No Access

Gated access hides the truth, dependent on Auditee evidence and logic

Shifting The Paradigm With AUDITMATION

Zero Trust Auditing Across Every Audit Stream

Auditmation enables a single standard across all government. It replaces the data collection dependency on people, processes, and tools with direct to source, forensic grade evidence - driven by auditor and audit party logic. Removing that burden empowers high value resources to focus on making better risk decisions based on machine-validated data with a complete chain of custody. Key tools like eMASS, Archer, Telos, and more, are integrated to ensure OSCAL ready audit data and results flow easily between traditionally siloed systems.

The Power of ONE!

infinite audits, one platform data model evidence format governance model security model logic platform data catalog

informed risk decisions

Auditors review, approve, and act on machine validated data.


100% population sampling ensures no omission and data integrity


Machine collected evidence with no human handling or tampering

data integrity

Every piece of forensic grade evidence has complete forensic chain of custody


Audit automation enables ATO daily readiness through a single AuditRoom platform

Direct to source

Direct access to standardized and validated audit data in a unified data model


How do you scale 300,000 CMMC audits with less than 10 C3PAO's?

  • Enable a centralized logic library that mechanizes and empowers every C3PAO to deliver consistent, Zero Trust audits​
  • Leverage OSCAL ready results landing into a single, forensic grade data catalog that integrates into any required ecosystem tool
  • Permenantly closing the skills gap by machine validating CMMC, daily

4 steps to zero trust government auditing


Ban self-attestation from every area of government


Demand human and machine-readable audit data (OSCAL) from every audit


Require the Zero Trust Audit methodology for all agencies & supply chains, creating a single data model across all government


Require all 3PAOs and C3PAOs to adopt the Zero Trust Audit methodology to increase consistency and trust