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The bold objective of the company is to transform the risk landscape within an organization so that risk can become its biggest strategic advantage.

In todays dynamic risk climate, organizations that hold themselves to a higher risk accountability level will win. We believe the combination of the Risk Cloud plus AUDITMATION™ will allow our joint customers to move the ball towards that bold objective very quickly.

Matt Kunkel

CEO, LogicGate (Risk Cloud™)

2022 G2 Grid: "GRC Leader" & 2022 Forrester Wave: Third Party Risk Platform "Strong Performer"

Audit Services Delivery & Management At Hyper Scale

A SaaS platform that revolutionizes auditors, advisors, and risk platforms with ZeroBias™ tech-enabled business scale!

Market Use Cases

One solution revolutionizes the paradigm of 8 markets, from antiquated paper-driven to real-time, all the time.


Eliminate self-attested adherence from the entire supply chain
  • A single ZeroBias™ audit data platform
  • Close the cyber skills gap forever
  • Create scale through a tech-enabled auditor network
  • Consistent assessment across all government
  • Improve quality, speed, & mission success rate
From a one-off audit structure to a high value subscription-based services model
  • Future proof your competitive market position
  • Complete more audits faster
  • Overcome skills gaps
  • Make your business turnover proof
  • Deliver tech enabled recurring subscription services


Move enterprise value from 1x - 8x


Turn each client into multiple new engagements across their audits and customer demands
  • Scale to thousands of clients in minutes
  • Create sticky services for high client retention
  • Deliver modern tech-enabled services
  • Launch vendor risk markets
  • Create new revenue sources
Real-time visibility to all targeted controls and data
  • Validate more vendors with same staff
  • Enforce critical controls in key vendors
  • Real-time visibility to sensitive data
  • Manage supply chain risk daily
  • Replace questionnaires with continuous audit

Vendor Managers

Cyber Insurance

Replace questionnaires with continuous machine risk assessment
  • Centralize a cyber risk logic library
  • Onboard policies faster
  • Reduce risk on every policy
  • Enable continuous assessment
  • Adjust premiums to real time data

Get the Zerobias™ truth

Replace spreadsheets with direct machine access to target data with a full chain of custody
  • Instant investigation engagements 
  • Implement modern machine-validated investigations
  • Customized context & formatting based on your logic
  • Digital evidence data discovery preservation
  • Introduce covert internal discovery investigations 

Forensic Investigations

Mergers & Acquisitions

Frictionless and accurate disovery for high-value M&A transactions
  • Create/validate a digital asset inventory
  • Arbitrate M&A disputes (neutral party)
  • Machine-validate cyber posture in due diligence
  • Create/validate an IP asset inventory
  • Identify high value code assets & authors
Seamless direct to source ZeroBias™ machine discovery for the audit data truth
  • Digital case evidence discovery and preservation
  • Independent/neutral arbitration of risk party disputes
  • Machine-validate client legal/risk posture in due diligence
  • Create and apply your own case context in a logic library
  • Manage clients in a centralized, restricted access data room


Vendor Managers

Real-time visibility to all targeted controls and data



Stop responding to security questionnaires as your lone source of validation.
Maintain a state of audit readiness to easily manage multiple customer inquiries without additional staff.



Increase differentiation and team focus on high value tasks through automated customer audits.
Reduce risk exposure by requiring the same from key vendors as an extension of your risk pool.

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