• - T-Mobile Pushes Again for Pause on Data Breach Class Action Suit
  • - Facebook Directed to Pay Every Victim Over Personal Data Breach
  • - Volkswagen Says Vendor Breach Impacted 3.3 Million Customers in North America
  • - Robinhood Says Millions of Customer Names and Emails Taken
  • - Cybercriminals Attack 4 Security Flaws in Microsoft Exchange Server, Exposing 30,000 Organizations
  • - State Dept. Offering $10 Million Reward to Bring Colonial Pipeline Hacker to Justice
  • - U.S. Financial Regulation Finalized: Banks Must Report Major Cyber Incidents Within 36 Hours

Defining a new audit standard

The days of accepting omitted, curated, or auditee created evidence data are over!  Zero trust for 3rd party auditing enables the TRUTH and nothing but.

IT audit has a data Independence Integrity Automation Collaboration Frequency Transparency Coverage Incentive Neutrality Truth Integration Vendor Risk problem

/ audit • mā • tion /

Zero Trust IT audit delivery discipline that requires a multitude of specific elements, working interdependently, <br>
to produce the highest forensic grade level of data integrity.


Audits Are

Trust is

Risk Events Are Catastrophic.

It's time to demand the truth.

Impact of compromised data

The days of trusting self-attested, human compliance verification are over, and actions like these come with consequences.

1 %

The root cause of all data breaches

Dod contractors
1 %

Failed vendor security audit for deficient security controls

Third Parties

The highest cost amplifier of a data breach


To identify a data breach, after it happened

Ready to get started?

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/ au • dit /

Latin Origin: First known use in 15th century, with little to no tech or process evolution since… like NOTHING!


  1. : back in the day when people used to ask other people for paper documents, scrolls, or pictograms (of their choosing) as evidence
  2. : a time when the evidence collection method was a slow and tedious human driven process – even a cave man could do it
  3. : back when grown adults accepted written questions and answers to authenticate compliance adherence, and pretended everyone told the truth
  4. : a time when people could manipulate pictures or swap out real data with “samples”, and were awarded the coveted gold star, plus a wink
  5. : back when a concept called Zero Trust applied everywhere else, EXCEPT with audit standards
Audit in a Sentence:

Well hell! You wouldn’t use an accountant to develop technology to try to scale audit automation, would you?


/ audit • may • shn /

American Origin: Created in 2021 to regain the trust and integrity of today’s IT audits, through machine-validated continuous truth.


  1. : independent, machine-driven assessment and audit automation process, eliminating human intervention
  2. : method by advanced robotic process automated means, producing unbiased immutable data integrity
  3. : replaces dependency on people, process, and tools, with automated testing to 100% of control and population coverage
  4. : proprietary method for obtaining evidence data from its source, bypassing all traditional intermediaries
  5. : a state of continuous risk assessment and testing, against every policy, procedure, implementation statement, and control
Auditmation in a Sentence:

The days of auditors accepting omitted, curated, or auditee created evidence are over, and Zero Trust for 3rd party auditing enables the real audit truth.