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Industry Supply Chains Are IMPLODING
From Cyber Crime​

The IT audit industry is in the midst of a critical inflection point as cyber risk events far outpace the ability for today's antiquated audits to not only catch risk, but also uphold ZeroBias™ audit integrity and trust standards.



300,0000 Dept. of Defense supply chain audits in 2021 $21 trillion current value represented by intangible assets 8,100 cyber claims were paid in 2021 Avg. of 89 vendors per company network, per week $2 billion stolen in crypto hacks so far this year

Requiring 300K audits per year just for DoD Digital asset audits for lenders, insurers, and acquirers Driving thousands of cyber policy audits Leading to an average of 89 audits per company Forcing SEC to look for ways to audit code at scale

The Problem Requires A Two Part Solution

Addressing today's IT audit scale and cyber security crisis requires two separate critical paradigms.

Internal Security + External Audits = Cyber Risk Reduction

Internal Security & Compliance Tools

Internal security and compliance tools remain critical for operationalizing INTERNAL audit requirements, but incapable of operating without a conflicted and biased interest.

Tech-Enabled External Auditing & Platforms

Tech-enabling external IT audit partners through a neutral platform that interoperates with all internal risk mgmt. tools and risk parties to ensure audit integrity and INDEPENDENT, ZeroBias™ data validation. 

Internal security and compliance tools remain critical for operationalizing compliance management, yet self-attestation practices have regulators placing more scrutiny on potential conflicted interests. Mitigating cyber risk exposure demands the presence of a separate and neutral external IT auditing platform to ensure data integrity and independent validation.


Governance, Risk, and Compliance, tools operationalize INTERNAL requirements, but incapable of meeting external audit demands


Centralized external audit management platform - modernized to meet tomorrow's regulatory requirements and cyber threat trends


Auditor/Partner Tech Enablement

Leverage automated evidence collection from client source systems, that is matched to framework requirements, security questionnaire entries, or auditor requests (logic) - all with an immutable chain of custody audit trail. This ultimately ensures audit independence and integrity, plus the ability to modernize and meet tomorrow's IT audit demands.

Who gets tech-enabled Today?

The market is saturated with compliance and risk management tools that enable the direct end-user market (auditees), yet there are near-zero investments to tech-enable external IT auditing.

  • Direct internal users & organizations (auditees)
  • Ill-intentioned HACKERS
  • Near ZERO focus on automation tools for external auditing – UNTIL NOW

FINALLY! A Solution Built for YOUR Business

From IT audit TURBULENCE to tech-enabled TAILWINDS


Breaches continue to outpace audits and industry stakeholders raise concerns with the lack of innovations in tech, aging revenue streams and business models.


Mitigating the top 5 industry risks in a single SaaS platform that tech enables the audit industry.

When Crisis OPPORTUNITY Meets Tech Enablement

A SaaS platform that revolutionizes auditors, advisors, and risk platforms with ZeroBias™ tech-enabled scale!

Connect In Seconds

Configure once and gain least privilege access to over 115 source system data connections, that becomes standardized into a single data model - driving audit scale throughout an entire client base.
Auditmation plugins and connectors

Automate Your Audits

Create queries and mechanize any audit & risk data ask or requirement that can be shared across multiple audit parties - keeping clients audit-ready at any given time.

Immutable Evidence

Machine-validated and collected evidence data against any framework requirement, with a full digital chain of custody audit trail for each object - ensuring audit data integrity.

Extensible To Any System

Collaborate with an entire audit and risk management ecosystem and transform your business from a single-instance, low value project-based structure to a modernized high value SaaS model.

Market Use Cases

ASTONISHING UPSIDE! One solution revolutionizes the paradigm of 5 markets to real-time, all the time.

Vendor Manager

Real-time visibility to all targeted controls and data
  • Validate more vendors with same staff
  • Enforce critical controls in key vendors
  • Real-time visibility to sensitive data
  • Manage supply chain risk daily
  • Replace FAQ with continuous audit

Cyber Insurance

Replace questionnaires with continuous machine risk assessment
  • Centralize a cyber risk logic library
  • Onboard policies faster
  • Reduce risk on every policy
  • Enable continuous assessment
  • Adjust premiums to real time data

Auditor & Advisory

From a one-off audit structure to subscription-based services model
  • Enable Audit as a Service
  • Complete more audits faster
  • Overcome skills gaps
  • Make your business turnover proof
  • Move enterprise value from 1 – 8X

Government Agency

Eliminate self-attested adherence from the entire supply chain
  • A single zero trust audit data platform
  • Close the cyber skills gap forever
  • Empower auditors today & in future
  • Consistent assessment across all government
  • Improve quality, speed, & success rate

Merger & Acquisition

Frictionless and accurate disovery for high-value m&a transactions
  • Create/validate a digital asset inventory
  • Arbitrate M&A disputes (neutral party)
  • Validate cyber posture in diligence
  • Create/validate an IP asset inventory
  • Identify quality code & authors

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pre-validated logic library

  • Be audit ready in minutes with a pre-populated logic library
  • Created and validated by peers and subject matter experts
  • Supports any IT audit or risk management framework
  • Find the bots you need and deploy in seconds

customizable context engine

  • Quickly create new logic on demand
  • Customizable queries automate any audit & risk data request
  • Create full framework or precision audit logic at scale
  • Private libraries protect IP while enabling automation velocity

mechanized data room

  • Risk parties share, view, and collaborate on requested data
  • Digital chain of custody ensures integrity throughout entire data lifecycle
  • One-click invites and centralized governance/security make it easy to deliver truth and restore trust

Integration ready data catalog

  • Pull data from any application and push risk results to any risk tool
  • Share risk analytics and modeling tools with machine-validated truth
  • Push meta data into AI/ML platforms to create predictive models
  • Inform better risk decisions across any existing processes or tools
Auditmation plugins and connectors
Auditmation Evidence Bots UI page


Set & forget, least privilege connections to 120+ integrations & growing


Mechanize audit & risk teams by centralizing context in a Logic Library


Automated audit data management across unlimited audit rooms


Manage audit truth & risk reputation throughout the ecosystem