2022 investor overview

The bold objective of the company is to transform the risk landscape within an organization so that risk can become its biggest strategic advantage.

In todays dynamic risk climate, organizations that hold themselves to a higher risk accountability level will win. We believe the combination of the Risk Cloud plus AUDITMATION™ will allow our joint customers to move the ball towards that bold objective very quickly.

Matt Kunkel

CEO, LogicGate (Risk Cloud™)

2022 G2 Grid: "GRC Leader" & 2022 Forrester Wave: Third Party Risk Platform "Strong Performer"

Auditmation is THE ONLY one at the table for this Federal Government audit problem.
Tom Suder
CEO, Advanced Technology Academic Research Center
Brian, very few companies think like this. This is rarefied air.
Gerald Caron
CIO, Dept. of Health & Human Services
This changes everything! Machine validated compliance testing allows us to calculate risk in real time & with a confidence we've never had before.
Dr. Charles Harry
Founder, Decision Point Analytics

(20 year cyber intelligence expert / 14 years with NSA)

Constant, autonomous auditing ensures consistent compliance in the face of burgeoning DoD policy requirements. The DoD is worried about the extreme risk being exposed through the supply chain and Auditmation mitigates that risk.
Daniel ennis
ceo, trusted knight

(Former director of NSA Cyber Threat Operations)

Auditmation's test-driven compliance approach is like peanut butter & chocolate with our own risk quantification model.
Jack Jones
Founder, FAIR Institute & RiskLens

(Leading industry authority and visionary on risk quantification)

Auditmation is the only solution I've seen that can deliver on the OSCAL format. I've never seen anything else like this.
Douglas Barbin
principal, Schellman & Company LLC

(19 year security and compliance practice leader)

The problem:
history keeps repeating itself

Today's IT audits & risk assessments fail to reduce risk.
Future proofing the integrity of audit data and the security
of the entire audit stream requires a tectonic shift!

Department of Defense Contractors
1 %

Failed their vendor security audit for deficient security controls 

1 %

The root cause of all data breaches in 2021 

1 %

Expect to have their data breached in 2022

  • - Supply Chain Hack Causes Toyota to Close 14 Japan Plants, Halting 1/3 of Its Global Production In a Single Day
  • - Microsoft Breach Exposes 38M Records
  • - PricewaterhouseCoopers Fined $6.2 Million For Shoddy Audits
  • - US Cyber Insurance Sees Rapid Premium Growth Due to Increased Cyber Incidents, Claim Counts, and Loss Severity
  • - CohnReznick Charged With Improper Auditing Conduct By SEC
  • - T-Mobile Pushes Again for Pause on Data Breach Class Action Suit
  • - Facebook Directed to Pay Every Victim Over Personal Data Breach
  • - Volkswagen Says Vendor Breach Impacted 3.3 Million Customers in North America
  • - Robinhood Says Millions of Customer Names and Emails Taken
  • - Cybercriminals Attack 4 Security Flaws in Microsoft Exchange Server, Exposing 30,000 Organizations
  • - State Dept. Offering $10 Million Reward to Bring Colonial Pipeline Hacker to Justice
  • - Stolen MGM Resorts Customer Data Dumped on Telegram for Free
  • - News Corp Discloses Cyber-Attack, Believed to be From a Foreign Government.
  • - Credit Suisse Leak Unmasks Criminals, Fraudsters, and Corrupt Politicians

disrupting the broken IT audit & risk paradigm

Building on a pattern of success.


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ACIPA, Audits, & FAQs
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how we solve the problem

A single data platform that provides democratized access
to any demand side party:

Empowers risk stakeholders to conduct their own audits

Tech enables any demand party for real-time risk analysis

Automated data collection & validation direct from source

Real-time evidence, testing, & assurance against requests

AuditFact™ data catalog shared with any stakeholder/tool

intellectual property positioning & strategy


  1. U.S. Application Number: 63/319,854
  2. U.S. Application Number: 63/325,211
  3. U.S. Application Number: 63/327,889
  4. U.S. Application Number: 63/328,084
  5. U.S. Application Number: 63/404,274
  6. U.S. Application Number: 63/404,302


  1. “AUDITBAHN” – U.S. SN 97258162
  2. “AUDITBOUNDARY” – U.S. SN 90848244
  3. “AUDITBOT” – U.S. SN 97258105
  4. “AUDITDNA” – U.S. SN 97258349
  5. “AUDITENGINE” – U.S. SN 97258088
  6. “AUDITFACT” – U.S. SN 97258008
  7. “AUDITGENOMICS” – U.S. SN 97258331
  8. “AUDITGRAPH” – U.S. SN  97257988
  9. “AUDITINTEL” – U.S. SN 97258078
  10. “AUDITLOCITY” – U.S. SN 97258152
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  13. ”AUDITNAUT” – U.S. SN 97258144
  14. “AUDITNOMICS” – U.S. SN 97258331
  15. “AUDITROOM” – U.S. SN 97258069
  16. “AUDITSTUDIO” – U.S. SN 97258095
  17. “PERIAUDIT” – U.S. SN 97258340
  18. “ZERO TRUST AUDIT” – SN 97258052
June 1, 2022

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  • User Interface Patent - Covering initial user interface of Auditmation platform

  • Schema Patent - Covering initial schema for platform and different products

July 12, 2022

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  • Boundary Patent - Covering initial configuration and use of boundary, including changes to the boundary during an audit

  • Chain of Custody Patent - Covering initial chain of custody

  • Time Series Graph Database Patent - Covering use of time series graph database to view graph data from different products 

  • Audit Room Patent - Covering creation of audit rooms, using audit rooms, documenting results, evidence viewer that enforces boundary limits and lookback period

August 19, 2022

Morbi in sem quis dui placerat

  • Testing Patent - Covering use of testing bots to perform tests

  • Selection of Evidence/Test Bots Patents - Presentation and selection of evidence bots Patent – bots filtered based on queries

September 28, 2022

Morbi in sem quis dui placerat

  • Conversion of Provisional Patents to Utility Patents - Draft and file utility applications that cover details of the platform.  File initial patents under the prioritized examination offered by the US Patent Office which could result in issued patents in less than a year. The prioritized examination ensures that the patent will be reviewed by an examiner within 2-6 months after filing. Normally filed patents may take up to 2 years or more to get examined.

  • New Patent Drafts - Continue to draft patents that cover updates/changes made to the platform as well as patents covering future options such as the use of ledgers

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